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19/12/2020 · Can’t figure out what that fossil is? Post bright, sharp images here for identification. (Note that responses & confidence increase with image quality!) >Please be sure to state where the item was found in your initial post. > Please do not post links to websites, nor identify or incriminate a seller in any way- Do Not Copy or screenshot advertisement verbiage.
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Define fossil. fossil synonyms, fossil pronunciation, fossil translation, English dictionary definition of fossil. n. 1. A remnant or trace of an organism of a past geologic age, such as a skeleton or leaf imprint, embedded and preserved in the earth’s crust. 2.
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手錶維修實例 – Fossil 石英機械錶游絲變形 客人說下方的秒針圓盤無法正常走動,這支錶的特色是,時,分針使用石英驅動,秒針則是機械驅動。 時,分針有時候會走走停停。 今日病人 : Fossil 石英機械錶 病情分析 : 1.手錶時,分針不順。
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